Past Projects

The event "Mexikos Protest gegen den Anschluss" was initiated and organized by Austrian-Mexican Tenor León de Castillo, with the help of Philippe Ternes (IMEN Board Member).

IMEN would like to thank all partners who have made this event possible. With more than 300 visitors and amazing performances by a wide range of artists from all over the world, "Mexikos Protest gegen den Anschluss" was a great success!

We would like to thank in particular the "Zukunftsfonds der Republik Österreich" for their support:


Please find a video review of the event here:




Furthermore, we would like to thank Bot. Dr. Hans Winkler, Director of the Diplomatic Academy Vienna for his indispensible support and for making this event possible.


Please find the original invitation for the event here:

Invitation "Mexikos Protest gegen den Anschluss"



Please follow closely the highly promising talent León de Castillo as well as the orchestra founded by him and Lukas Medlam, the Valsassina Ensemble:


Furthermore, IMEN would like to thank the Diplomatic Academy Vienna and in particular Ms. Nadja Wozonig and Mr. Jan Claudius Bujak for their great support during the organization.


In cooperation with:

Embajada de Mejico en Austria
Österreich-Mexiko Gesellschaft
Zentrum für verfemte Musik Rostock





Mexikos Protest gegen den Anschluss, Press Review No.1

Die Presse, Print-Ausgabe, 19.03.2013


Mexikos Protest gegen den Anschluss, Press Review No.2


Mexikos Protest gegen den Anschluss, Press Review No.3

Mérida, Yucatán, Sunday 10 March 2013


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