Cooperation with the Instituto Eduardo Laredo in Cochabamba, Bolivia

    IMEN has established a partnership with the Instituto Eduardo Laredo in Cochabamba, a public school in Bolivia combining music and performing arts with a humanistic Curriculum. During the past 50 years, a great number of highly talented and internationally renowned musicians have graduated from the Instituto Eduardo Laredo. The institute consists of 90 professors teaching a growing number of instruments, choir, singing, dance and folklore.

Through the cooperation with IMEN and the Johann Sebastian Bach Music School in Vienna, musicians in Vienna and in Cochabamba can expand their opportunities to refine their musical skills and most importantly to establish a connection between both cultures and thereby nuture mutual understanding and enrich their lives. 

On the one hand, two Austrian musicians have had the chance to live in Cochabamba, Bolivia, and exchange their ideas and experience with local musicians. On the other hand, IMEN gives two talented musicians from Bolivia the opportunity to study for one year at the Johann Sebastian Music School in Vienna, Austria in 2013. 

Click here to read an interview in Spanish with Andreas Siles, IMEN scholarship holder at the Johann Sebastian Bach Music School Vienna.

    The cooperation between the Instituto Laredo and IMEN is to be strengthened and widened in the coming years. If you wish to learn about the cooperation or to get involved, please contact

Homepage of the Instituto Eduardo Laredo in Cochabamba, Bolivia (link)



Cooperation between the Johann Sebastian Bach Music School (Vienna) and the Weihai College (China) 

     IMEN initiated a formal on-going cooperation between Johann Sebastian Bach Music School (JSBM) in Vienna and Weihai College – Vienna International Music Training Centre in Weihai (Weihai), China. The goal of the cooperation is to facilitate the access to high quality music education for music students and teachers that is different from what they receive in their homeland. It is expected that through the cooperation, the understanding of social influence on music education will be enhanced and authentic music from both cultures will be cultivated.   

    JSBM and Weihai will collaborate through short-term training programmes (up to six months) and long-term education programmes (longer than six months) provided at JSBM to music students and teachers from China. The Chinese students and teachers will bring with them knowledge of Chinese music and skills of Chinese musical instruments, so that during their stay in Vienna they will have the opportunity to present Chinese music and to cooperate with music students from other cultures on music projects. IMEN will seek periodic feedbacks from music students and teachers who participate in the programmes, as well as from the persons with whom these students have musical cooperation. These feedbacks serve as a mechanism to assess whether the objectives of the cooperation have been met. 

    In the long term, it is expected that through the partnership with Weihai College, IMEN will be able to facilitate the exchange of music teachers and students between China and other countries. This long-term goal will contribute to the achievement of IMEN's mission: enhancing intercultural understanding and solidarity.


Chorus Musica Favorita

    The Chorus Musica Favorita is an international choir consisting of  students from the Diplomatic Academy of Vienna and guests. Singers explore the authentic music of all their cultures and use the potential  of music to foster mutual understanding and solidarity among different  cultures and countries. The choir was founded at the Diplomatic Academy of Vienna (Austria) and is since conducted by Philippe Ternes.


IMEN Event and Concert Series:

Chorus Musica Favorita, October 17 2012, "Von Wien aus in die Welt" 

















Pilar Aguilar & Grace Marín, June 29 2012, "Costa Rica from the heart"